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Clearing Emotional Ties- with Altazar Rossiter


Wed, December 11th, 2019

7:30 PM – 9:30 PM BST

Mrs Howard Hall, Norton Way South, Letchworth Garden City, SG6 1NX

Would you like help in releasing some of the unwanted energies that we carry from other people and reconfigure your own system for balance?

About this Event

All of human interactions are relationships of one kind or another. The practice of releasing or dissolving emotional ties is about healing the reactions that come from your relationships. It’s particularly helpful in clearing the pain of past abusive relationships and where that has conditioned your ability to form new wholesome relationships. It’s also particularly useful in cleaning up family relationships, where there’s a constant expectation for you to behave in ways that suit other family members rather than follow your own truth.

The practice presented in this event is evolved from over twenty years working as a Transformational Holistic Mentor and Energy Facilitator. It utilises ‘Intentional Narrative Protocols’ that combine the energy of your intent with your life force in partnership with Spiritual Intelligence.

Despite the apparent simplicity of this practice, it’s actually very powerful and can produce dramatic shifts overnight. It works primarily by directing your intent and your allowing of Divine Intelligence [Spiritual Intelligence] to partner with you. There are several fundamental psycho-energetic principles to be understood in the process.

• Emotional Ties are the reactions and charges you hold on to as a consequence of your interactions with others. Consciously these are the feelings and interpretations you’re aware of; unconsciously they are the feelings and interpretations that others project onto you, which you (also unconsciously) accept and take on.

• These interpretations, feelings, associations and reactions are your emotional ties. They tie you to others invisibly. They inform all your relationships, even your relationship with yourself.

• Dissolving emotional ties does not throw away people or relationships. Dissolving emotional ties respects the path of another as different from yours and allows relationships to find an optimised form of expression.

• When you dissolve emotional ties it changes you. It changes the configuration of your emotional energy. This has an effect beyond you, as the hooks and anchors others have been used to are no longer available for them to relate to.


What you will get from this event …

o An understanding of how you interact invisibly with the rest of the world, through your energy field.

o An introduction into a simple method for partnering with Spiritual Intelligence through your intent and the spoken word.

o A practical experience of clearing emotional ties that have been draining your energy, possibly for years.

o A basic practice [notes / audio download] to enable you to continue to explore the process on your own.



Altazar Rossiter is a modern mystic. He has been supporting people through profound personal transformation for over 20 years with clients in the UK and overseas. Currently he leads a Self-Empowerment Mystery School based in the Netherlands where he also provides public workshops in Partnering with Spiritual Intelligence. In addition, he provides bespoke mentoring for people fully committed to their personal spiritual awakening. These days his focus is specifically on dismantling the invisible programming that keeps people trapped in disempowered cycles of behaviour over lifetimes.

Altazar has trained in various energy healing modalities, teaching Reiki for a number of years in the 90’s, and was one of the first authorised facilitators of Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life programme in the UK. He is a pioneer in co-creative partnering with Spiritual Intelligence using Intentional Narrative Protocols to establish a solid spiritual connection and empowered energy flow.

Altazar Rossiter is the author of two books: DEVELOPING SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE, published in 2006, and more recently PARTNERING WITH SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE published in June of this year. He lives in Letchworth and is blissfully married to his partner of many years, Rionach Aiken.

Website Link: www.altazarrossiter.com

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