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Connecting To The Wisdom Of The Body with Doe Warnes

Wed, March 11, 2020

7:30 PM – 9:30 PM GMT

Mrs Howard Memorial Hall, Norton Way South, Letchworth Garden City, SG6 1NX

In this time of transition and change it is helpful, now more than ever, to find a way to navigate the currents of transformation within your personal lives and within the collective. Staying grounded allows you to stay firm, knowing that you can yield to the changes, both physically and metaphorically. Feeling ‘grounded’ in yourself is often felt as feeling comfortable within your body or becoming more aware of your body.

Our skeleton is the bony framework we need to move, stand, sit or to be still. Energy can either flow easily, get stuck or dissipate, particularly at the joints. Bringing awareness to your alignment, through gentle movement, is deeply grounding and offers the possibility of aligning your life force to help with integrating mind, body and spirit. It also brings you into the here and now, which opens up a space within. This enables you to connect to your intuitive inner wisdom to support your health and well-being.

Focusing on the physical body as an access route to deeper connections, you will experience how to create a non- verbal dialogue between your body and mind using the sensations created by the moving body. The movement is seated and suitable for all who wish to participate, as you are asked to move within your own range of comfort.

During this experiential evening you will:

• Find balance by connecting with inner stability

• Feel more physically alive

• Identify and release areas of muscular tension

• Feel calmer and reduce stress

• Allow your intuition to non-verbally speak through the body


Bio – Doe Warnes

I have had a fascination for the human body as long as I can remember. Over the last forty years I have been on a deep personal journey, where I have explored many different ways to communicate between body, mind and spirit.

I have practised a wide a range of bodywork disciplines, healing modalities and movement therapies. This has been informed by a working knowledge of western anatomy and physiology and the Chinese five elements. My view of the human body is now through the lens of the scientific, energetic, physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual.

My passion is to inform and inspire people towards creating an embodied relationship with themselves, others and the environment. It is my belief and experience that this brings relief of symptoms and a greater sense of integration and wholeness. My sessions are often accompanied with tips for self-care. I continue to be endlessly curious.

I currently work in Hertfordshire and London as a Shiatsu practitioner, movement therapist and anatomy tutor. I run workshops in holistic approaches to anatomy and physiology, the Chinese five elements, Japanese facial massage, Mindful movement. I have also run workshops in Eastern Europe, Scotland and South West England.

Doe Warnes FwSS, SME/P, ITEC


FB: Doe Warnes Shiatsu, Anatomy and Movement



Sound Therapy using Tibetan bowls- with Ever Nature

Wed, April 8, 2020

7:30 PM – 9:30 PM BST

Mrs Howard Memorial Hall, Norton Way South, Letchworth Garden City, SG6 1NX

A relaxing and rejuvenating evening for you!

Have you noticed an increase in people providing Sound Baths and wondered what it’s all about? Are you curious about what sound healing does? How it can help you? Why it has become so popular?

During the evening you will hear from Steph and Topo about the benefits of, and experience a sound bath and a sound massage (a more personal touch!).

You will experience a sound massage and a sound bath using Tibetan bowls to create peace and calm for your mind and body. This is a deeply relaxing experience and is suitable for everyone, especially those who find it difficult to sleep or quieten the mind, this can be of great benefit. Sound healing is a form of meditation in which no experience is needed.

The waves created through sound are felt and heard by you, the recipient, and converted into electrical signals that travel to the part of your brain that processes sound. This triggers responses that release happy hormones (endorphins and serotonin), which in turn activates the deepest healing responses in your mind and body.

You will be lying on the floor (or seated if you prefer), closing your eyes and feeling and listening to the beautiful healing vibrations and sounds of the Tibetan Bowls as they send you into deep relaxation. Topo and Steph look forward to you all and giving you a wonderful experience! They will also have items from their shop for you to browse and purchase if you wish to do so! Www.etsy.com/uk/shop/LoveEverNature

Please bring a mat, blankets and a cushion if you would like to lie on the floor!

If you would like to find out more why not come along and experience it for yourself? We look forward to seeing you!

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